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Wacky Neko Clip Large

Wacky Neko Clip Large

SKU: 731628358012

An innovative solution for wacky rigging and neko rigging, the Bambuie Bear Wacky Neko Clips are a super durable clip system that eliminates the frustrations of lost worms and broken O-rings. Made from stainless steel that won’t rust or break, the Bambuie Bear Wacky Neko Clips hold soft plastics securely in place and won’t flex during the cast like rubber O-rings, which leads to your worms flying off and costing you money. Each clip also features two different hook rigging holes to accommodate large and small diameter finesse hooks. Each hole has a slot for the hook barb to pass through without damaging the barb and ensuring a tight fit as well. Offered in multiple sizes that will fit most wacky rig and neko rig finesse soft plastics, the Bambuie Bear Wacky Neko Clips will replace all those rubber O-rings in your tackle box.

Manufacturer sizing recommendations:

Large: For thicker worms and soft stick baits like 5" Senko

Small: For thinner finesse worms and drop shot worms like Robo Straight Tail




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