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Scent Injector

Scent Injector

SKU: 731628358036

Bambuie Bear's first of its kind Scent Injector will revolutionize the way you add scents to soft plastics. Here is your new competitive edge! The pump action bottle is able to inject liquid, paste, or gel fishing scents into any soft plastic. The pump action design will not leak like a normal syringe type injector which means no more mess all over the boat and all over your hands. Injecting the scent into the soft plastic prolongs the effectiveness. The injected scent will slowly leak from the puncture hole providing you a scent trail back to your bait. This scent trail will cause even the most stubborn fish to bite. The bottles are refillable and can be locked to prevent accidental discharge. We recommend multiple injectors for each of your favorite scents.



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